For its filling, packaging and assembly customers,
Aerosprays can warehouse
raw materials and/or finished
product for periods of time,
facilitating production
and shipment to customers,
as well as reducing
freight and storage costs.


Aerosprays can relieve your company
of shipping headaches and freight
nightmares by shipping
product manufactured, packaged,
or assembled directly to your customers.
Your customers will receive the product more
quickly, thus increasing your cash flow.


If the customer so chooses, 1MARK Consumer Products, Inc,
a sister company to Aerosprays, may be able to market
the customer's products to 1MARK's existing
mass merchandiser and other clients, thus increasing
market share for the customer.


Aerosprays can invoice the customer's clients,
as products are shipped to those clients, using the customer's own pre-printed forms (or other materials), thus not only saving the accounting costs, but increasing cash flow by speeding the invoicing and payment process.